Terms of Membership

Thank you for becoming a member. All members who wish to use the member services of this site should read the terms of use in detail. The purpose of the terms of use is to protect the interests for both service providers and all users, and serves as a contract between both sides. Any user who has signed up and started to use the services is considered having full knowledge and consent in all terms of this document:

Declaration to Collect Personal Data

  1. For each application item, the following personal data must be acquired from the members: the name, gender, identification number, birth date, address, telephone number and hiking route.
  2. The personal data will only be used during valid membership period.
Members Obligation of Safeguarding and Report of Password
  1. The member account and password can not be signed in repeatedly.
  2. The member should keep his password safely without revealing or giving to other people. All the conducts performed with a specific member account and password are considered the true conducts by that member.
  3. When signing up the membership, the member must fill in correct personal data. If any false data is found, his membership will be suspended or cancelled. Any violation of related laws will also be investigated according to law.
  4. Should the member find or suspect his account and password are used by the third party, he must report it and take necessary prevention measures immediately.

Protection of Members Privacy

  • Except for the following cases:
  1. Based on the law.
  2. Based on the legal procedure required by the judiciary or other authorizations.
  3. To protect the personal safety of other members or the third party under emergency.
  4. The necessary information for transaction and product delivery of the member when he does the purchase or redeeming gifts.
  • All personal information provided by the members, including the name, address, credit card number, email address and all other personal data protected by law will not be released to the public without the consent of the member.
  • For the purpose of marketing, market analysis, statistics or study, and providing individualized services or value-added services, the data left or generated on this website may be recorded, saved and used under the consent of the member or by his strategic partners. The statistics data may also be released or used without revealing the original data.

Intellectual Property Rights

The copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, other intellectual property rights, ownership or any other rights of all works and data on this website are owned by the original authors. Any member must not reproduce, transfer, rework, edit or use the data in any form or for any purpose without prior legal authorization by the right holders.

Effectiveness of individual clause

Should the whole or a part of any clause in this agreement become invalid, the effectiveness of other parts of this agreement will not be affected.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The rights and obligations between the members and National Park are governed by the internet regulations and the law of the Republic of China. Should any dispute arise, Taiwan Taichung District Court will be designated as the governing court for the first instance. If any declaration or clause needs to be improved, National Park will seek for a mutually beneficial solution in good faith.

Termination of Membership and Notification Obligation

  1. National Park has the right to change the service content or terminate the account service for any member via notice email.
  2. This website is to be operated and maintained with commonly-used procedure and technique, and is not liable to any compensation for the damage from the breakdown, malfunction or inaccurate data display of the system owing to natural disaster, accident, unexpected and not attributable causes, uncontrollable factors, or by intentionally forging, altering, deleting or retrieving the data.
  3. To terminate the membership, a member may notify us by sending an email, and we shall remove his member account followed by an email notice.
  4. It is each member’s duty to notify us about the cancellation of his membership. All the privilege and rights he enjoyed will be removed upon the date of membership termination (based on the sending date of the email).
  5. To avoid the situation that the member might lose his rights due to act of bad intention, we will confirm with the member over the phone about his membership cancellation before officially terminating his membership.

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